untitled (from Berlin to Lyon)

untitled (from Berlin to Lyon)


dimensions variable

COLLECTION n°1, INTERIOR and the collectors
Resonance, Lyon Biennale, 24 rue Lanterne, 69001 LYON
September 16 - December 3, 2011

It is about the distance & time.
When I travel I bring the yarn and the small old machine that creates a tube knit (Circular knit),
and during my travel time I knit them from departure until arrival.
The length of the tube knit shows the time and distance which i went through (experience).
With it I make visible the traveling time.
If you see the map you can understand the distance but you can't realize it.
If you see the clock you can understand the time but you can't realize it.
The process to realize the distance and the time is travel.
And the distance and the time are decided by the speed witch depends on the moving method (train, plane, bus etc.).
The three elements (distance, time and speed) are relative and through the feeling they are elastic as well.
I try to catch these abstractnesses and give them form.
And for this exhibition I'm going to tube-knit during my travel from Berlin to Lyon.