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In her latest show at "la-condition-japonaise" she will exhibit a installation called "Kristall", which is a result of her reflection on books. Books are like crystals products of a process, which need a lot of time. While crystals are results of a natural process, books are results of time consuming human thinking processes. When Megumi Fukuda found accidentally some old antique books - crystals of knowledge - in the streets of berlin, she decided to make to works with them. These ownerless books were crystalized by treating them with special folding techniques. Since you can't read the content of the books anymore they open you a imagininary space, which could be inspired by the titles of the books. People who know the content of the books can conclude from the content to the form of the crystal. Those who don't know the content conclude from the form to the content.
Eri Kawamura,
2008, material: books from street, acrylic glass, mirror
Installation view at galerie la-condition-japonaise, Berlin
curated by Eri Kawamura